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Las Vegas Commercial Pool Builders

Las Vegas, Nevada’s Top Commercial Pool Contractors

Building a commercial pool is a complex task that not all companies can handle. Luckily, we have the manpower and resources to install the swimming pool that your business needs, no matter the size. Call anytime at (702) 766-7057.

Whether you’re planning to create a stunning pool for your hotel or an Olympic-sized pool to host competitions at your university, we are the commercial pool builders Las Vegas residents turn to.  16 years of experience in commercial pool design and construction has allowed us to perfect our craft and deliver outstanding results worthy of a magazine cover.

Our team manages all the stages of commercial pool construction, from the presentation of our pool designs to finishing the build. That means that we’ll handle all the excavation, land grading, masonry, plumbing, and more.   When the project is complete, we also offer pool cleaning and maintenance services when it’s time to open the pool to the public.

We’re confident that our team can help you realize your vision. Our contractors have built custom inground pools all over Las Vegas and surrounding cities for businesses in the hospitality industry, some government-owned establishments, hotels, motels, and the university. There’s no limit to the size of the project we can take on.

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One of the best things about having a track record like we do is that we’re able to establish contacts that save money on pool construction costs. This allows us to provide more affordable pricing to our clients.

We’re more than happy to discuss our rates with you, but we’ll need to hear your pool plans to give you a detailed estimate.

Call us today at (702) 766-7057.

Types of Commercial Pool Construction We Offer

Below are some examples of commercial pool construction in Las Vegas, NV and the nearby areas.

Concrete Inground Swimming Pools

We build concrete inground pools for hotels and universities all over the state because of their superior durability and endless customization options. Have you ever been to a pool party at the Mirage?  Or, maybe you’ve swam through the winding pool in the Venetian.  Concrete pool surfaces are smooth, attractive, and last for years.  On top of that, the walls and floors can be tiled or colored to match any building. When cracks or leaks eventually occur, the repairs are much more simple than with any other type of swimming pool.

Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Fiberglass swimming pools became popular because of their relatively low price-point compared to concrete, but they’re not without disadvantages. 

There are 5 common problems you should know about if you’re considering fiberglass pools:

Pool Wall Bulging – Many pool companies backfill pools with sand, which is a poor strategy for durability. As water penetrates the soil around the pool, the sand begins to compact. This lessens the support against the pool frame and leads to a build-up of hydrostatic pressure that causes the pool walls to expand or bulge in the center.  The solution for a bulging pool wall is to use stone as the backfill material.

Spider Cracks – Fiberglass pools can flex and shift when not properly transported, which leads to spider cracks. Furthermore, if the pool frame is mishandled when it’s being lowered into the ground, the same thing can happen.  These tiny hairline fractures in pool’s gel coat can cause serious damage months down the road, so it’s important to have an experienced pool builder handling the installation.

Color Fading – Las Vegas residents sometimes build fiberglass swimming pools just for the wide array of color options available. We highly recommend installing an automatic pool cover to prevent sun damage from UV exposure. If not protected, the pool surface will fade much faster than concrete or gunite.

Plumbing Issues – As mentioned above, backfilling a pool with sand is a bad idea. It allows for bulging and it also creates plumbing problems. If the sand compacts, it creates downward pressure which can separate or break the PVC piping beneath the pool and cause a leak. If water leaks occur, damage to your pool will soon follow.

Natural Swimming Pools

Waterparks and hotels sometimes ask us to add a natural swimming pool to their commercial space to attract more visitors. Typically, they ask us to build a waterfall, fountains, or a big waterslide. Our pool builders also add some palm trees and wooden pool decks to further enhance the natural look of their pool area.

Olympic Swimming Pools

These pools are quite popular among colleges and universities. They often require us to build pools that have six or more lanes to host races and various swimming events. The good thing about having us do this for you is we have enough manpower to shorten the construction time.

​ Custom Pools

If you’re looking to create a more unique swimming experience for your patrons, you can take it a step further by requesting a custom-built inground pool.  Our pool builders have hundreds of unique pool models ready to go if you need ideas, or let’s talk about what you want and create something from scratch. We have built pools with infinity features, added waterfalls to existing pools along with underwater pool lights, incorporated water slides, connected figure 8’s to lazy rivers, and much more.

Looking for a commercial pool builder in Las Vegas? Give us a call today for a free estimate at (702) 766-7057.