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Inground Pool Remodeling in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada’s Experts in Pool Renovation

Pool remodeling is a broad subject; it can mean anything from changing the size or depth of your pool to something as simple as changing your underwater pool lights.

And like building a new pool, you’re looking for an experienced team to do your pool renovations, right? That’s us. Call (702) 766-7057.

The good news is that our team is one of the best pool companies in the area, and we like to offer you our help in providing your swimming pool with an updated and modern look.

We have been helping Las Vegas’ residents remodel their pools since 2003, and our contractors are some of the best in the industry in doing these types of jobs.

Our Las Vegas pool renovation team can update the style of your inground pool to match your preferences and budget. We can create anything you’d like.

Are you looking to add a waterfall, fountain, or slide to your pool? We can do it.

Want to add a more natural feel to your swimming pool area by installing a bamboo fence or stone wall? We handle that too.

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Our Pool Remodeling Services

With our experienced pool contractors, an abundance of well-trained manpower, and a full book of great contacts in the pool industry, we can redesign your swimming pool any way you want.

Pool Lights

We can change your pool lights to give your pool a more vibrant and stylish lighting system. Let us upgrade the ambiance in your area by replacing or adding more pool lights either on your pool deck or underwater. Our pool contractors can even get you the latest floating LED speakers that you can use to play music from your phone via Bluetooth while you float around in the water.

Pool Tiles

The style of your pool’s walls and floor heavily relies on the materials you used when you installed it. Most pool owners have had their pools for years, and the design of most pool tiles is more aesthetically appealing now than it was in 2010. Give us a call and we’ll show you all the color and design options available.

We can get any kind of pool tiles to better fit your overall pool design. This is also the easiest way to remodel your pool without the need to spend a fortune.

Our pool builders can install pool tiles made of glass (even those glow in the dark tiles), stone (perfect for those who prefer a more natural look), and ceramic (great custom tiles for those with a limited budget).


Not many pools have an added waterfall. For those pool owners looking to make a statement, this is the perfect addition.

You have the option to choose between a prefabricated waterfall or design your own. To be honest, we suggest going with the latter since this gives you more control over what you want your swimming pool design to look like.

Similar to using stone tiles, you can make things more natural by using actual rocks for your waterfall. Our contacts can get you the best natural rocks available without the need for you to spend a ton of money on them.

You can also choose to use lightweight composite rocks instead; they may not be real rocks, but they look like they are.

Inground Pool Fountains

Since the Las Vegas climate has been getting warmer and warmer over the past years, it might be best for you to install an inground pool fountain to cool your pool water. It also helps in improving your water circulation significantly, and your kids will love having a pool fountain to play in.

Our pool builders can install a pool fountain based on your preferred shape, size, and style. We can show you fountain designs within a day or two and start construction right away, once you’ve made your decision.

Pool Renovations, Additions, and Changes

Whether you’re looking for a minor pool renovation or a complete pool remodel, our team is ready to help you anything and everything.

We can create more swimming space for you by making some changes to your pool’s shape or depth. We can also add a big water slide for your enjoyment.

Whatever you want to do with your pool, we can design and build it.

Our pool renovation experts will be with you through all stages of construction from excavating the hole in the ground to the maintenance of your newly-installed waterfall.

Call us today at (702) 766-7057 to discuss your pool redesign ideas and get a free estimate. We also offer pool financing if you’re interested, just let our team know.