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Pool Resurfacing in Las Vegas

Pool resurfacing can be a tedious process and not all pool companies are good at it, despite their best efforts to hide this fact. For professional service, call (702) 766-7057.

Since you’re already here, we’re pretty sure you’re looking for:

  1. A pool contractor with years of relevant experience
  2. A company that’s made hundreds of customers happy
  3. A service capable of handling any project

That’s our pool company!

Here at Las Vegas Pool Builders, we assign these tasks to our most experienced pool contractors. We know how important it is to fix your current pool issues (yes, we’re talking about that leaking crack you’ve been ignoring) and also rejuvenate your pool area all in one go.

We have years of experience adding our unique touch to hundreds of swimming pools throughout Las Vegas and nearby cities. Our pool renovation team does a great job resurfacing pools based on our client’s preferences and budgets.  Both homeowners and business owners need reliable pool replastering services.

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Types of Pool Resurfacing

Our pool contractors are all well-versed in all the different pool finishes available today. You might want a simple pool plaster finish now, but wait until you see the collection of tile-based finishes we could do for you; that might change your mind.

Plaster Finish

Plaster is the simplest form of pool resurfacing. It uses a mixture of water, marble sand or limestone, and white cement that gives this finish its white color. This is the most common pool finish and the least expensive. It only has a single design style though, a bland one-color pool interior. Luckily, it can be colored.

Aggregate Finish

Another pool resurfacing option that we offer is using aggregate finishes that are made from a mixture of materials such as pebbles, quartz, glass beads, and cement.

This pool finish has gained popularity in the past couple of years because it creates a more natural, stone appearance. Though more expensive than plaster finish, it is proven to be more durable and has a greater resistance to chemicals used in regular pool cleaning and maintenance.

Tile Finish

Lastly, the tile finish…this is our pool contractors’ favorite material to work with for their versatility and how beautiful they look. These are usually made of porcelain, glass, ceramic, or stone. You can even mix them in your pool depending on your preferences.

Having tiles for your pool’s walls and floor makes it easier to maintain since tiles are easier to clean than aggregate. This is a key piece of information we tell our clients who are having a hard time deciding between the two.

Whatever pool finish you choose, we can deliver.

We also offer complete pool and landscaping design packages, so you can achieve your ideal backyard oasis.

Call us today at (702) 766-7057.

We look forward to discussing your pool design ideas with you.